I am a home cook, a stay at home mom with four children who won’t eat anything and a husband who will eat just about everything.  I have no formal training in culinary arts.  My background is electrical engineering followed by mathematics education.  Those were my former jobs, but I have always enjoyed cooking.  I do not, however, create my own recipes.  I get my kicks by seeking out other people’s recipes and testing them out.  Sometimes I follow a recipe as written, sometimes I make changes.  These changes may be due to preference (I have found, for instance, that for the price neither capers nor pine nuts “do anything for me”, or at least not enough to warrant use in any recipe I fix) or necessity (Sometimes an ingredient is not available at my local grocery store, and I’m not the type to run all over town looking for something.  I omit or substitute instead.)

My goal here is to share with you my experiences with trying out recipes and give you any tips that might be helpful should you choose to try out these recipes yourself.  Enjoy!


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