Mahi Mahi Mucho Gusto Burritos

Last  night’s new dinner, cooked just for my husband, came from this book: 2014_0624June20140007  Whether Rachael Ray’s bubbly personality makes you smile or annoys you, she does create some good recipes.  Of all of hers I’ve tried, I can’t think of one we didn’t like.  There may have been one somewhere along the line that wasn’t up to par, but most are really good!  And so I’ve bought  many of her books (in spite of the repeat recipes you’ll find in some of them) and I keep going back to pick another recipe to sample.  This time it was “Mahi Mahi Mucho Gusto Burritos“.  (And I was happy to discover that someone else has already placed it online, so I could just link it for you instead of re-typing it 😀 )

I know many cooks out there insist upon using the finest of ingredients to get the best possible results, but I’m here for “the rest of us” – those of us without the financial resources or the time or inclination to seek out our foods from a variety of sources.  I’m here to show/tell you that “the rest of us” can still enjoy a fine meal, even if all we can get our hands on are the “lowly” store-brand products.  Here’s what I used for this recipe:  2014_0624June20140013  If you can get the fresh fish or simply prefer to do so, by all means, DO!  But if you live away from the sea and your local grocer doesn’t always have every variety of fish available fresh, the frozen works.  Really!  It DOES!  In fact, here’s what it looked like after I seasoned and cooked it:  2014_0624June20140017

Then there’s the homemade guacamole:  2014_0624June20140020  If you wanted to make it quicker or you’re not comfortable choosing a fresh avocado (which can be tricky until you’ve bought a few and figured out which are not ready, which are past their prime, and which are “just right”), I’m sure you could pick up some store-bought guacamole.

And here’s what the burrito looks like before it’s folded and rolled up:  2014_0624June20140023  My husband liked these really well, so I know I’ll be making them again sometime 🙂


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