Indiana Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches with Creamy Corn Relish

Cooking magazines are great, aren’t they?  Every month a batch of new recipes, tips and ideas lands in your mailbox (if you subscribe) or on your store’s magazine racks.  Instant inspiration!  This time the magazine was Cooking Light and the photo and recipe that caught my eye were titled “Indiana Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches with Creamy Corn Relish”.

I read the recipe through a couple of times because there’s a lot going on all at once.  I decided to start with Step 1 (good place to start, huh? 😉 ), but skip ahead and start Step 2 (the pork) before Step 1 (the corn relish) was complete.  And off I went.  First, I gathered the ingredients for the corn relish: 2014_0618June20140002  While the cream cheese was melting in the corn mixture, I pulled out the coatings for the pork:  2014_0618June20140005  As I usually do when I’m coating meat or fish, I chose to mix the salt and pepper into the flour instead of sprinkling it on the pork and THEN coating it with the flour:  2014_0618June20140009  Now, before I headed to the grocery store for the week, I discovered I had frozen 4 boneless chops and I thought, “Good!  I don’t have to buy the pork for the sandwiches!”  I thought I remembered saving some of the thin sliced chops, but when I pulled them out I discovered they were thicker than I expected, so I pounded them down some:  2014_0618June20140011  Meanwhile, I had to go back and finish up the corn relish, adding the onion and pepper (I had orange instead of red.  I just buy whichever one looks the best at the store).  2014_0618June20140015  Now I could return to coating and cooking those chops:  2014_0618June20140018  That didn’t take long at all, and what was left was assembling the sandwiches:  2014_0618June20140021

While we were eating, my husband asked what was in the corn relish, and he mentioned cream cheese before I even started listing the ingredients.   So I thought, “Oh no, he thinks it’s too creamy.”  I didn’t think so myself, but something about the way he said it . . . It turns out I needn’t have worried, as he finished the meal by saying “Thanks Sweetie, that was pretty good!”  Whew!  Now I know he’ll enjoy his lunch (leftovers, always) at work today.   And so will I, because there were enough leftovers for both of us this time 🙂



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