Homemade Big Macs

I was a band member in high school, and almost every time we went on a trip, we would stop at McDonald’s for a bite to eat.  My standard order was 2 Big Macs and some fries.  My band director would look at me and ask how I could eat so much.  (That was about 30 pounds and almost 30 years ago, when I still had that teenager metabolism.)  Nowadays I rarely go to McDonald’s, even with 4 children.  (With 4 children, eating out is a rare event!)  Though I’m rarely there and when I am I rarely order a Big Mac, I do still enjoy one now and then.  Well, here’s the solution: Homemade Big Macs

Now, everyone knows that the key to a Big Mac is the “special sauce”.  I admit to not making a healthier Big Mac by going with the “light” ingredients called for in the recipe.  Here’s what I used:  2014_0511May20140075  I mixed all those ingredients together and came up with this delightful sauce:  2014_0511May20140080  Put that together with 2 thin cheeseburgers, one and a half buns, and a little onion, lettuce and pickle, and you have a pretty reasonable replica.  I’ll definitely make these again one day:  2014_0511May20140082  Okay, okay, so we had Cheetos instead of fries.  That was so Mr. Super Extremely Picky would eat something.  He has decided that he doesn’t like frozen fries (which he used to eat) and he doesn’t care for any version of homemade fries I’ve made either.  His fries must come from Wendy’s or McDonald’s or he won’t eat them.  Silly kid 😛

Honestly, the most difficult thing about this recipe was getting the burger patties “that thin”.   And now that he’s had them that way, my oldest son wants thin burgers every time I make any burger version.  That’s okay, because the extra time taken to flatten the patties is made up for in the shorter cooking time 🙂


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