Praline French Toast

Here’s a recipe from another great website:  I like French toast, but I usually do the old “dip the bread in the egg/milk mixture and heat it up on a griddle” method.  However, the couple of baked French toast recipes I’ve tried have been pretty good, and this one looked especially yummy.

I forgot about blogging until after I had the bread ready to soak overnight:  2014_0408April20140001  That’s certainly not 8 slices of bread there, and they’re nowhere near as large as the bread slices shown in the recipe photo.  The only French bread I’m familiar with is the long thin baguette (?)  I bought one of those and sliced the entire thing up and put it in my 9 X 13 glass baking dish.  All that was left in the morning was to put together the ingredients for the topping:  2014_0408April20140003  I have two children who don’t think they like nuts, so I didn’t put the topping on all of the bread:  2014_0408April20140008  After baking, I served this with maple sausage links:  2014_0408April20140011  Very, very yummy.  In fact, as I was typing this up my oldest son said, “You have to make that again!”


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