A&W Coney Dog

I saw this recipe floating around Pinterest for A & W Coney Dogs and thought I’d try it, because I’m pretty sure I recall actually having and liking A & W coney dogs in my youth.  So I printed out the recipe and started writing down the ingredients I needed to buy and I saw “pork and chicken mince” listed.  Huh?  Well, it looked like ground meat in the picture, and I know I can buy ground chicken and ground pork, so I did:  2014_0405March20140068  The remainder of the ingredients didn’t seem as mysterious:  2014_0405March20140069  I admit to not using chicken frankfurters.  I just bought the hot dogs my husband says he likes best and served them with the sauce, onion and Parmesan cheese as instructed:  2014_0405March20140073  This didn’t turn out to be quite what I expected.   I think the sauce was a little too sweet and I know I would prefer beef instead of the pork/chicken blend.  Oh well, it was worth a try . . .


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