Sweet Peas Parma

Here’s another quick and easy recipe, a more exciting side dish than just plain ol’ peas (not that there’s anything wrong with “plain ol’ peas”, it’s just that sometimes you want something a little different):  http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/sweet-peas-parma

I failed on this one also to take a photo of the ingredients I used.  I can tell you that I bought chopped prosciutto instead of sliced.  (Hey, the recipe said to chop it anyway.  I thought this would be easier.)  And I, um, failed to buy a tomato . . .  In my defense, snow days messed up my shopping plans.  The prosciutto was what drew me to the recipe anyway, and often my hubby and I don’t really care for “slightly cooked” tomatoes, so I was sure it would be okay if I omitted the tomato.  And you know what?  It was!

2014_0130January20140022  Looking back on this recipe, though, I think chopped, sauteed onions would be a nice addition, or a good replacement for the tomatoes.  I just made myself a note to try that next time 🙂


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