Festive Apple-Cranberry Salad

I admit to often using bagged salad blends and salad kits.  We usually eat every bit of them, and if I buy the ingredients separately to put together a salad I often end up tossing what didn’t get used up into the garbage can a week later when they’re still sitting in my vegetable bin in the refrigerator.  But there are salad recipes that catch my eye and beg me to try them, such as this one:  http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/festive-apple-cranberry-salad-155076.aspx

When I went to gather my ingredients, I made a startling discovery:  2014_0123January20140008  I had NO pecans!  I LOVE pecans and I ALWAYS have pecans!  So how did this happen?!?!?  I’m rarely ever willing to make an unplanned run to the grocery store for a missing ingredient.  Instead, I check my menu and switch meals around, or I find an acceptable substitute for the missing ingredient, or I simply omit it. In this case, I had some honey roasted cashews and decided to toss those in instead.  As it turned out, they worked just fine:  2014_0123January20140012  When I make this again (I will, someday, because we did enjoy it) I will use pecans, because they just seem to pair so well with apples.  But if I’m somehow out of pecans again, I won’t hesitate to use cashews in their stead, honey roasted or simply roasted and salted.  Cashews are wonderful too 😀



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