Caramelized Brussels Sprouts with Pistachios

In a Facebook group I belong to, we are sharing recipes each week for a chosen “healthy food of the week”.  Just recently that food of the week was Brussels sprouts, and one member shared this recipe:

The word “caramelized” always catches my eye, and I knew there were pistachios in my pantry cabinet, so I decided to try that recipe first.  I didn’t prepare a full 4 pounds of Brussels sprouts, though.  Here is what I used:  2014_0123January20140031  If I recall correctly, that’s 24 oz. of Brussels Sprouts.  I cut the remaining ingredients in half and proceeded as directed.  The end result was this delicious meal:  2014_0123January20140041  (Behind the Brussels sprouts you see caramelized onion pot roast.  Didn’t I tell you the word “caramelized” always catches my eye?)

This is a really good recipe for Brussels sprouts, especially if you don’t care for plain, steamed ones.  The only thing I might do differently when I fix these again is to roast the Brussels sprouts in the oven (drizzled with olive oil) first, then stir them into the onion/vinegar/sugar mixture.  I think the flavor would be just a tad better that way.  As for the pistachios, they do add a nice contrast in texture, but they aren’t necessary.  We just happened to have some that we received as a gift.  If you don’t want to spend the money on the pistachios, don’t.  Go ahead and try this recipe without them.  You’ll like it just as well.  I promise! 🙂


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