Skillet Franks in Beans

This past week I pulled out a couple of my older cookbooks in search of some recipes using fewer ingredients and less expensive ingredients.  I think this book used to belong to one of my great aunts:  2014_0119January20140047  And within its pages I found what I thought would be a low-cost, family-friendly meal:  2014_0119January20140053  (If you look closely, you can see that the pages are falling out of this dear old cookbook.)

I didn’t follow the ingredient list exactly:  2014_0119January20140056  Instead of 2 smaller cans of baked beans, I used one larger can.  Which is not quite as much as called for.  And I used that entire package of hot dogs, which was a little more than called for.  Then the entire meal suffered a mishap.  I went to fix something else to keep my pickiest kids happy, and I turned the burner under the other stuff to high.  Only I didn’t.  I actually turned the burner under the “franks in beans” to high.  I discovered my mistake before all was lost, but I did end up with a thicker, slightly scorched version of what I should have ended up with:  2014_0119January20140059  But this is a solid recipe.  Just make sure not to turn the heat up to high, LOL!


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