Smoked Sausage Sandwiches with Beer Braised Onions

I received a little cash for my birthday and Christmas, so what better to do the week after Christmas than go out shopping?  While I was at Walmart (yes, I do shop there), I ran across this book: with a price tag of $3.97.  Of course I bought it!  Within its pages I found this recipe: and felt the need to try it out.

I don’t drink beer, but I will use it in cooking.  However, no recipe I’ve ever come across calls for a 6-pack, LOL!  So I buy a single can, use what I need and pour the rest down the drain.  (You read that right, it goes down the drain.  Beer won’t keep and the can costs me 99¢ so I don’t feel it’s a tremendous waste to dump the leftover liquid.)  That cheapo can of beer is hiding in the back of this picture:  2014_0106January20140022

I knew my children weren’t going to partake of the onions, so instead of measuring out 8 cups, I used those 3 onions (the last of a bag).  I was pretty certain that would be enough to suit my needs.  When sliced and in the skillet, this is how much I had:  2014_0106January20140025  If I recall correctly, that’s a 10-inch skillet.  After the onions were cooked with the beer, they looked like this:  2014_0106January20140034  And were they ever yummy!  Mmmmmmm . . .
Add the sausages:  2014_0106January20140031 and bread:  2014_0106January20140038  Top with cheese, mustard and pickles, and you have got yourself a sandwich!  2014_0106January20140040


The sausage and bread were not cooked on a grill pan, as instructed.  Instead I used a plain ol’ skillet on the stove.  And, while I was tempted to buy some spicy dill pickles, I knew I’d be the only person in my house to eat them, so I went the the safe, and still quite tasty, bread and butter chips.  Note:  This sandwich is incredibly messy to eat (or maybe that’s just because I piled the onions really high . . . )  Also, I do acknowledge that this is a heavy sandwich.  My hubby loved it for about the first half and then decided it was “too much” for him.  Me?  I loved every bite of mine, and was thrilled to consume leftovers for lunch the next day 😀


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