Skillet-Toasted Penne with Chicken Sausage

How about another recipe from the most recent issue of Cooking Light?

I will admit right away that I omitted what is probably one of the most important ingredients in this recipe: the “Calabrian chiles or red hot chiles”.  First, I’m not familiar with “Calabrian” and doubt I could even find such a thing.  Second, my husband is not a fan of “red hot”.   Well, I actually substituted.  To make up for that omission (or try to anyway) I sprinkled some crushed red pepper on top of the finished dish.  Here’s a look at the ingredients I used:  2014_0106January20140013  And looking at that picture I remember that I didn’t have much penne left, so I pulled out 2 other partial packages of pasta to throw in to make up for that.  I ended up using all of what was left of 2 types, but not needing to add the 3rd.  (The shells went back into the pantry).

The goal of this recipe was to teach a different cooking method.  I think I failed.  At the point where you reduce the heat then add in the stock a little at a time and allow it to be nearly absorbed before adding more, things went haywire.  The recipe says the entire process should take about 35 minutes.  Ummmm . . .  I gave up and turned up the heat and let it all boil for awhile, and it still ended up a bit liquidy, but not too bad:  2014_0106January20140017  Lack of red hot chiles equals lack of color, and to our taste buds the chicken sausage equaled lack of flavor.  It was edible, but I’d much prefer this dish with a traditional Italian sausage and a traditional cooking method.


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