Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies

Here’s another recipe I decided to try out when making Christmas gifts this year:  My dad has always liked chocolate covered cherries, or cherry cordials, so I thought this cookie might be to his liking.

There are several steps to these cookies, but none are difficult or terribly time consuming.  The cookie dough is made first:  2013_1225December20130012  Then you make the “frosting”, and I used these chocolate pieces and sweetened condensed milk (along with the juice from the cherries): 2013_1225December20130009  This is what the fudgy frosting looks like:  2013_1225December20130016  And oh my is it ever good!  (I may have sneaked a taste while I was “frosting” the cookies . . . )  Next you assemble the cookies (roll dough into ball, press down with thumb, making indentation for cherry, place cherry on cookie, cover with “frosting” and bake):  2013_1225December20130017  After baking, mine looked like this:  2013_1225December20130019  Now, I have to admit that I did not sample the finished cookies.  I did allow my oldest son to sample one and he said that of 5 stars he’d give them more than 5 if he could 😀  I haven’t heard if the gift recipients loved (or even liked) the cookies, but I’m not going to ask.  What are they supposed to say if cornered like that?  I do know that my oldest son loved them and I loved the “frosting”, so that’s enough for me to tell you to go ahead and try them.


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