Caramel Oatmeal Cookies

I like to make goodies to give as Christmas gifts, don’t you?  They’re made, not bought (except for the ingredients, of course), so they’re filled with love and they cost less.  Win/win!  This year I chose to go with new recipes and hope they turned out well.  (Okay, so I do that most years.  I have trouble sticking with the same old thing all of the time, in case you hadn’t noticed 😉 )

I like caramel, and my mother likes caramel, and I’ve been searching for a good oatmeal cookie recipe, so when I saw this one I thought, why not?  Let’s try it!

I apologize for failing to snap a picture of the finished product (too involved in packaging up cookies to give away, I suppose) but I did remember to snap one of the caramel bits, in case you’re not sure what you’re looking for:  2013_1225December20130022  I didn’t find these at my local grocery store, and my husband went to two other stores before finding them.  I’m glad he did find them.  The caramel goes well with the oatmeal and the cookies are nice and chewy, even if mine didn’t look quite as pretty as the ones in the picture with the recipe.  I enjoyed the few I had left after packaging a dozen each for various family members, and I think I may make some for here at home after all the Christmas goodies have been gone for awhile 🙂


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