Apple & Cheddar Salad

This one barely qualifies as a recipe.  It’s more a list of ingredients to use, as you really don’t need further instructions:—cheddar-salad

Here’s my interpretation of the ingredients:  2013_1120November20130118  Throw those together in a bowl and voila!  2013_1120November20130120  No, I did not toss the spinach leaves in the dressing to coat first.  You can see that I just built individual salads in serving bowls then added the dressing according to each person’s taste.  That’s my salad.  My husband prefers a bit less dressing, which is why it makes sense to me to not add dressing ahead of time in a big bowl.  Also, if you save a salad with dressing on it, it gets soggy – Ick!  For my husband’s lunch for work I put the salad in a bowl with a lid, then put a little dressing into one of those little 1/2 cup plastic containers so he can pour the dressing over it when he’s ready to eat.  And this particular salad recipe is a “keeper”.  I served it along with the sandwiches from the previous post.  Talk about a quick and easy meal!  😀


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