Grilled Cheese & Prosciutto

Weekend lunches often mean sandwiches around here.  Sometimes they are just a simple ham or turkey sandwich and other times I prefer to try a recipe for something a little different.  This one looked pretty good to me:—prosciutto  And simple too, which is always a plus with 4 children doing their best to serve as distractions while you’re trying to get lunch put together!

As seems to happen more often than not, my ingredients were not exactly what the recipe called for:  2013_1120November20130117  The diced prosciutto was the only prosciutto I could find and there was “no such animal” as kalamata olive bread at our grocery store.  Too bad.  My husband would have loved that.  So I went with a good white bread, which was better for the entire family anyway.

One thing I never do (that many recipes seem to instruct) is spread butter on the outside of a sandwich before toasting in a skillet.  I think that’s too messy to handle.  Instead, I melt the butter in the skillet then toast the sandwich in the melted butter.  Works just fine:  2013_1120November20130127  Very simple, very tasty (even for my picky kids) and something you’ll want to have every once in awhile to change up the typical sandwich routine.


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