Thousand Island Dressing

Do you make your own salad dressings?  Or do yours come in a bottle from the store?  I admit that I do both.  The majority of the dressings I use for salads are store-bought, unless I happen to be using a recipe for a salad that includes instructions for dressing.   Do not ask me why I only use those dressings when making those particular salads.   A friend shared a few recipes for dressings during a discussion of “making your own instead of using store-bought”, so I thought I’d give this one a try:   I used it on Reuben sandwiches because when I make those I use the Thousand Island instead of the Russian dressing (I’ve seen both used for Reubens) and when I buy a bottle of Thousand Island dressing for Reubens, I usually end up tossing the rest of the bottle because it doesn’t get used.  (We don’t like Thousand Island on salads.)

This recipe is very easy and calls for ingredients many of us probably have around the house:  2013_1111November20130002  Just mix all those ingredients together and Voila! 2013_1111November20130006  My dressing didn’t get chilled as long as it was supposed to (I seem to have a problem with starting things early enough), but I figured it wouldn’t matter too much since I was putting it on a sandwich and heating it anyway.  We were well-pleased with the flavor of this dressing on our Reuben sandwiches:  2013_1111November20130009  I will definitely be using this recipe again the next time I make Reubens.  Why buy a bottle of dressing when I already have all the ingredients needed at home?


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