Michael Symon’s Bacon Fried Stuffed Hot Dogs

Found on Pinterest: http://abc.go.com/shows/the-chew/recipes/Bacon-Fried-Stuffed-Hot-Dogs-Michael-Symon?cid=pinterest_chw

I will never manage to test every single recipe I have pinned on Pinterest (or every single recipe I have in cookbooks and cooking magazines, have clipped from other magazines, newspapers and coupon circulars), but I am moving steadily forward in my quest to try as many as I can 🙂  I tried out this bacon-wrapped hot dog one weekend (definitely a weekend meal).  The first thing to do was get the oil heating, then start cooking the onions:  2013_1110November20130009  Next it was time to stuff and wrap the dogs.  I ran across a problem in trying to figure out just how to fit an entire slice of American cheese into a hot dog.  I ended up using probably about 1/3 of a slice of cheese in each.  Then I wrapped them up:  2013_1110November20130008  Once my thermometer finally showed that the oil as hot enough, in went the dogs, one at a time:  2013_1110November20130012   As soon as I put the first one in, the temperature reading on my thermometer went way too high before settling down to the proper temperature, so the first couple of dogs got almost blackened, but the remaining dogs looked like this:  2013_1110November20130014  I had every intention of making the “Shasha Sauce” to go with these, but I failed to get started on that soon enough, so I used this on my hot dogs instead:  2013_1110November20130018  I really like that stuff.  I should eat more sandwiches just so I can use Woeber’s Sweet & Spicy Mustard 🙂   My end result looked like this:  2013_1110November20130021  and was pretty good.  But the cheese wasn’t discernible.  Perhaps because I didn’t use enough?  If I make these again (and I may not because three of my four children wouldn’t try them and the fourth tried one and said she didn’t really like it) I think I’ll just do bacon wrapped and skip the cheese altogether.  And maybe I’ll remember to start the Shasha Sauce first!


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