Sweet Potato Coconut Cashew Rice Bowl

I had some coconut milk left from a previous recipe, and I’m trying to stop throwing away so much food (little bits of this and that here and there that I save but never end up using).  So I sought another recipe, and I came across this one:  http://www.babble.com/best-recipes/sweet-potato-coconut-cashew-rice-bowl/   I’m certainly not vegan, but that doesn’t mean I can’t prepare and eat a vegan meal once in awhile 🙂

I did choose to serve this as the main dish (also trying to save a little money by fixing a meatless meal or two, or even more, each week).  I was unable to find brown Basmati rice, so I chose to use all white Basmati.   I also had two cans of vegetable broth, so instead of measuring 3 cups, I used both cans and then added enough water to total 6 cups of liquid.  I failed to take any pictures until the end, but here is what I ended up with: 2013_1106November20130020  I like “sweet”, so I really enjoyed this dish.  I was afraid it might be too sweet for my husband, but he said “That was really good!”  However, he also added, “It would be even better with some chicken in it”, LOL!

As you can see from the photo, there’s an awful lot of rice there compared to the rest of the ingredients.  The next time I make this I plan to reduce the amount of rice (I’m thinking 2 cups total instead of 3).  And if I have some chicken, I may just cook some and stir it in at the end for my sweetie, who usually feels “cheated” if there’s no meat in the meal, even if he does enjoy eating his veggies 🙂

One note I must add:  This dish does not re-heat well.  So until my children expand their repertoire of “foods they will eat”, I will have to halve the recipe, because this make a very large amount of food!


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