Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

If you checked out the link in my previous post, you saw a salad on the plate next to the mini meat loaf.  When I made the meat loaves, I also made that salad.  Here’s the recipe:

Now, I’m not sure what was meant by “herb salad mix”, but here’s what I used: 2013_1106November20130008  I used my vegetable peeler to cut “ribbons” from the carrots.  This was a very simple recipe and the results are not only tasty, but pretty, don’t you think?  2013_1106November20130012  You certainly have to like vinegar to enjoy this dressing, but my husband doesn’t like a dish with an overpowering vinegar taste, and he really liked this salad.  The meat loaves may not get made again at our house, but this salad certainly will!


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