Harvest Cobb Salad

Typically I do not “go for” a cobb salad.   But take a look at this one:  http://www.aspicyperspective.com/2013/09/cobb-salad.html  Yes, I saw that photo and thought, I have to try that one!

Let me tell you at the start, this is a fairly labor-intensive recipe.  There are many parts that need to come together.  Just look at all the ingredients for the salad:  2013_1106November20130029  And there’s more for the dressing:  2013_1106November20130036  I recommend you give yourself some time and read through the entire recipe (like you should before starting anyway, but even after all my years of cooking I still fail to do this every time).  I’d say you ought to start with getting that poblano pepper under the broiler.  I failed to do that and had my salad ready and waiting . . . and waiting . . . for the dressing.

For the salad itself you need to peel and cube that squash (not an easy task) then roast it.  You also need to heat the pecans in some seasonings, cook and cube some chicken  (I didn’t use that entire package, just flattened and cooked a couple of breast halves in a skillet and saved the rest for another meal), boil some eggs, and cook some bacon.  Whew!  And that doesn’t even include the slicing of avocados and preparing of dressing!  I did have one shortcut: a bag of already chopped romaine hearts.

For the dressing you will see that I used frozen corn.  Corn on the cob is not in season right here right now.  I didn’t cook this corn for the dressing, just ran some warm water over it to thaw it before I tossed it in the blender.  I used probably about half the bag.  Once everything came together I had a wonderful plate of salad:  2013_1106November20130038  2013_1106November20130044  I took one picture without dressing and one with, because I wanted you to be able to see what all is under that yummy green stuff 🙂  The flavors of all the different salad ingredients complement each other nicely and the mild dressing accompanied the flavors well.  I won’t be taking the time to make this salad very often, but the next time I decide I won’t mind running around my kitchen like a chicken with it’s head cut off, I will prepare this one again.  So, maybe a once-every-autumn treat?


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