Cheesy Meat Loaf Minis

I’ve tried a variety of meat loaf recipes.  Some are really good, some so-so, and one or two have not been worth the effort.  The photo of this one in a back issue of Cooking Light magazine caught my eye, so I put it on my menu:

I used these ingredients:2013_1106November20130006  I already had that sliced white cheddar, which is why I used it instead of buying a block of it.  This may have been a mistake. . . This particular meatloaf recipe turned out to be one of the “so-so” ones.  It was certainly edible:  2013_1106November20130015  It just didn’t stand out in any way from all of the other meatloaf recipes out there.  And the cheese didn’t shine through.  This is why I said that cutting up those slices of cheese might not have been the way to go.  Maybe larger chunks of cheese encased in the meatloaf would have worked better. . .


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