Steak and Pierogi

I’m not a “stock up” type of shopper, but every once in awhile I’ll buy extra of something just because I have a coupon that requires the purchase of 2 or 3 of an item.  More often than not I end up tossing those coupons because I deem them “not worth it”, but I did use the one for Mrs. T’s Pierogies.  This meant I had an extra box of pierogies sitting in the freezer, and I wanted to do something with them other than just “heat and eat” as a side with sour cream (although I’ve been known to do that more than once).  While searching for a recipe, I ran across this one:  Which was a “bad” thing because I love steak, but man is it ever expensive!  But I decided we were “worth it” and picked up a flank steak and some baby spinach anyway.

Then while I was cooking I completely forgot about the blog.  So the only photo I have for you is the finished product:  2013_1031October20130010  Luckily it turned out to be worth the cost.  The mustard/olive oil/Worcestershire sauce granted a subtle “tang” to the steak.  Though I must admit I failed to read the directions closely enough and coated the steak with all of the mustard mixture and had none left to brush the steak with during cooking.  I’ll bet it would have been even better had I done what I was supposed to 😉


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