Pork Chops with Squash and Sage

It’s autumn, and several wonderful looking fall feeling recipes are popping up everywhere: in e-mails, on Pinterest, in the newspaper and coupon circulars, and in the most recent editions of cooking magazines.  This one came from the October 2013 issue of Food Network magazine:  http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchens/pork-chops-with-squash-and-sage-recipe/index.html

I rarely buy bone-in pork chops.  Instead, I buy boneless pork cutlets and I buy them in value packs or when there’s a buy one get one free special.  So I had some boneless cutlets in the freezer waiting to be used, and I chose to use them for this recipe.  2013_1029October20130035  They’re pretty small, so I usually serve my husband two at a time.  But one is enough for me or one of the kids.  I like that they cook quickly and I don’t have to deal with the bones 🙂

Butternut squash is kind of a pain to peel and cut, but it can be worth the effort if the recipe is a good one.  And this one proved to be one of the good ones:  2013_1029October20130039  My husband proclaimed this one “excellent” and that, my friends, is music to this cook’s ears!  If you decide to prepare this one yourself, just make sure to give yourself time for tackling the squash.


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