Texas Black Bean Soup

I tend to be drawn to recipes with words like Mexican, Southwest, and Texas in the title.  This one is an example of that phenomenon: http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/texas-black-bean-soup

The evening I planned to have this for dinner, I pulled out these ingredients: 2013_1024October20130027  And then I read the recipe again and realized that (ooops!) this was supposed to be a slow cooker recipe!  (Obviously I had failed to consult my menu, where I write down estimated time for preparing dinner.  I usually check that every morning, but . . .)  What to do now?  Well, I have a similar recipe that uses the microwave, which I actually cook on the stove since I don’t have a working microwave.  Why not do the same with this one?  I tossed all of the ingredients into a pot on the stove and heated it, covered, to boiling.   Then I went to do something else, so it boiled about 10 minutes.  I returned and turned down the heat and let it simmer while I took the dogs out.  That took 20 minutes, at which point I decided the soup was done.  I spooned some into bowls, topped with sour cream, and served with tortilla chips:  2013_1024October20130030  Since I used just 2 T of chili powder and opted for plain diced tomatoes instead of the tomatoes with green chilies, this soup was flavorful, but not spicy (a good thing as far as my husband is concerned).  I’ll make this again one day, and I’ll make it on the stove again, on purpose next time!


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