Pepperoni Pizza Twists

Here’s another recipe from Taste of Home’s “Almost Homemade” cookbook:

I started with the first loaf of refrigerated French bread loaf by trying to follow the instructions given: 2013_1024October20130011  I found it a bit difficult to work with, since the loaf is rolled and wanted to separate into layers instead of stick together and flatten.  So I unrolled the next one instead of slicing and rolling out, even though I knew it would end up wider than called for:  2013_1024October20130013  I have one child who doesn’t think he likes pepperoni, so I made the loaves half pepperoni and half just cheese:  2013_1024October20130016  2013_1024October20130018  I also, as you can probably see, used more sauce than I was supposed to.  I then rolled those two loaves and “braided” them:  2013_1024October20130021  I sort of accidentally skipped the egg wash/top with cheese and seasoning step, but cheese on top is in danger of turning brown (which none of us like) and the Italian seasoning might “scare off” a couple of the kids.  My end result was this:  2013_1024October20130024  Yeah, it “exploded” a little.  Every filled bread I make does, whether I overstuff it, understuff it, vent it or not.  Every time.  This wasn’t as bad as usual, and there was plenty of filling left inside.  This is really just pizza that looks a little different from the usual, but when pizza is one of the very few foods that all 4 of my children will eat, I present it in different forms from time to time to prevent boredom (theirs and mine).  Three of my children were pleased, and Mr. Super Extremely Picky ate a little of his.  He wasn’t thrilled, but he didn’t flat out refuse to eat any, so that’s something.  If I were to make this for the entire family, I’d make sure to throw in some different fillings (think typical pizza toppings): mushrooms, onions, peppers, sausage, etc.  And who knows?  Maybe one day, just for fun, I’ll make a double batch of my usual homemade pizza crust and form it into some twists 🙂


2 responses to “Pepperoni Pizza Twists”

  1. Debbie Konc says :

    I have a very picky grandchild who might try this. I must pass this on to her mom.

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