Pan-Seared Chicken Breast with Rich Pan Sauce

I try to throw in some lighter recipes along with all the heavier, fattier fare that I so enjoy.  I subscribe to Cooking Light magazine to have one source of said lighter recipes, and this recipe in the latest issue sounded intriguing:

These were my ingredients:  2013_1026October20130002  Now those are some pretty hefty chicken breast halves there.  I know very well that it’s best to flatten your chicken breasts before cooking or you’ll wind up with one end tough and the other not quite cooked through, so that’s what I did.  They also cook more quickly when flattened.  So take a meat mallet (flat side) to your chicken breasts before tossing them in the skillet!  I then cut the flattened chicken breasts (with my kitchen shears) into 6 small pieces before cooking.  Usually I just cut the halves into half again, but these were awfully big and I wasn’t all that hungry.

My substitutions (cooking wine, dried parsley, chicken bouillon) turned out a nice tasting meal, and the sauce was good over rice too:  2013_1026October20130006


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