Grilled BBQ Salmon with Avocado & Corn Salsa

My husband says salmon isn’t his favorite fish, but it’s readily available and often one of the advertised fish & seafood sales at our local grocery store.  So I buy it and fix it for him anyway (though I sometimes substitute trout in salmon recipes).  I just try to find recipes that have flavors I’m pretty sure he’ll like, such as this one:

Since my husband was the only one going to eat the fish and he didn’t need leftovers for lunch the next day, I only prepared one fish fillet.  But I chose to go ahead and make the entire recipe of salsa to go with it.  Hey, I wanted to try that part of it too!

Here are my ingredients for the corn salsa: 2013_1019October20130017  Those parsley flakes are my standard substitute for cilantro, which we don’t like.  And the only reason I used seasoned black beans (which were rinsed before using anyway) is that the shelves were emptied of the store brand unseasoned black beans, and the store brand seasoned ones cost less than the name brand unseasoned ones.  Next time I’ll buy the unseasoned, as usual, provided they’re back on the shelves then.

I do not have a grill and refused to drag out my double-burner grill pan for one piece of fish, so I just cooked it in a small skillet on the stove:  2013_1019October20130021  My husband found the final result to be quite tasty, even if it was salmon:  2013_1019October20130023  I served it over Arroz Blanco, and I just had the rice with some salsa over top.  We had plenty of leftover salsa, which we finished up with tortilla chips.  Yum!


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