Baked Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno poppers were requested at my house this week, and I’ve made a couple of varieties, but have yet to come across a “favorite”.  Thus, I sought out another:

I gathered together these ingredients:  2013_1020October20130003  The Bayou Blast doesn’t contain exactly the same ingredients as the Essence in the recipe, but I thought it was close enough.  I also have cayenne here, but it got cut out of the photo.  I only made half of this recipe, knowing the kids wouldn’t touch these.  Here are the “poppers in progress”:  2013_1020October20130006   And the finished product:  2013_1020October20130009  Notice I decided to use parchment paper instead of lightly greasing the baking sheet.  I just wanted easier clean-up 😉  My husband was telling me how incredibly hot these were as I was eating my first one, which tasted almost sweet to me.  But the second one?  Wow!  It really had a “bite” to it!  What I did was fail to remove all the membranes from the peppers.  I am pretty sure that’s where all that heat came from, because I used less seasoning than called for, knowing my husband’s aversion to very hot foods (and yet he asked for jalapeno poppers, go figure).


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