Cold Crab Dip

Friday evening I served my husband snow crab legs for dinner.  This time he didn’t eat all of the crab legs (a first!) and while I was wondering if they’d re-heat well, it occurred to me that some people actually eat something known as crab dip.  And then it dawned on me that such a thing would work perfectly well with Saturday’s planned lunch of veggies & dip, crackers, pretzels & cheese.  I went off into the land of the internet in search of a recipe that I already had all of the ingredients for, and I came across this one:

My first task was to coax the remaining crab legs into surrendering their meat and determine how much I actually had.  I suggested to my husband that he do this, but it worked out that he was gone and I was at home when this needed done (think he planned that?  Ha!)   I ended up with about 4 ounces:  2013_1015October20130003  This meant I’d be preparing about a third of the recipe.  I had an already opened package of cream cheese in which enough remained for the dip: 2013_1015October20130009  But instead of getting out the mixer, I chose to stir it by hand until it was smooth and ready to accept the remaining ingredients:  2013_1015October20130012  (Don’t add other ingredients to cream cheese before first stirring it, or you’ll likely end up with a lumpy result.)  For the remaining ingredients I used these:  2013_1015October20130014 and a squeeze of juice from a half a lemon I had in the refrigerator.  The end result was this:  2013_1015October20130018  And my husband’s verdict?  Well, he ate about half of the dip at lunchtime and finished the rest off as a snack later on.


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