Tuscan Chicken

Here’s a recipe from the August/September 2011 issue of Healthy Cooking that I’m surprised I hadn’t tried right away:  http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/tuscan-chicken-2

Instead of using 4 chicken breast halves, I flattened two and cut them each into two pieces:  2013_1005October20130014  Once those were ready, these were the next ingredients to go into the pan:  2013_1005October20130017  Yes, I used an orange pepper in place of the green one.  And that prosciutto?  No, it’s not sliced.  This was the only prosciutto I could find, and it turned out that it saved me a little time anyway 🙂

Finally I added in the remaining ingredients:  2013_1005October20130020  I figure the pluses for using my mom’s home canned tomatoes and my 11 year old’s home grown basil ought to cancel out the negatives you’re all giving me for using chicken bouillon for the broth, right?

We loved this meal, definitely a keeper!  2013_1005October20130036  BTW, that’s the Dijon Veggies with Couscous from the previous post on the plate next to the chicken (which is smothered with tomatoes and peppers).


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