Pizza Pepperoni Pasta

I’m not against eating healthy, but sometimes a matter of taste or a matter of cost come into play, as with this recipe:

I don’t know if we’d like the whole wheat pasta or not, but I don’t buy it because, when you’re feeding a family of 6 on one income, you go for that $1 box of store brand pasta instead of paying around twice as much (or maybe more) to get the healthier variety:  2013_1009October20130015  And that’s not turkey pepperoni there, though I’ve had turkey pepperoni and it’s not bad.  But this package of the “super-sized” pepperoni (great for sandwiches) was on sale for $1, and for that I can take those slices and chop them up for the recipe 🙂

I got to use another jar of my mom’s home canned tomatoes – yay!  2013_1009October20130018  I also used ground beef instead of ground turkey.  I’ve used ground turkey in a few recipes, and about all I can say about it is, it’s edible.   Not very tasty, but I can eat it if I have too.  Just my personal opinion, and my husband pretty much agrees with me on this, so he was pleased with the (rather messy) results:  2013_1009October20130022  I’m happy to say that this entire casserole was polished off (leftovers were as tasty as the first day).  We’ll be having this one again sometime.


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