No-Bake Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

This time, a recipe for a snack:

I didn’t have a box of plain Rice Krispies in the house, but I had bought this box to see if the kids would eat it:  2013_1005October20130038  It was on sale, and my children don’t eat Rice Krispies unless they’re coated with gooey melted marshmallows (i.e. Rice Krispie Treats), but they do like Frosted Cheerios, so maybe Frosted Krispies?  No.  One of them had some, but that was it.  This box was going to sit in the pantry untouched until the cereal became stale and I had to throw it out, so I thought I’d sub it in this recipe instead.

These are the ingredients I melted together in the saucepan: 2013_1005October20130048  And I wasn’t quite sure just how long to let the mixture boil (I didn’t get out a thermometer.  Mine lied to me last time I used it anyway…)  This is what I ended up with:  2013_1005October20130054  And it worked!  However, that pan of granola bars looked a little bare to me with just 2 tablespoons of mini chocolate chips, so I added a third:  2013_1005October20130055  The bars even held together when I cut them:  2013_1005October20130060  These are quick and easy to make and a good “granola bar” if you don’t want nuts (I think I’d have named them “cereal bars” instead).  However, 2 of my children never even tried them, and the one who did like them must have forgotten about them at snack times, because they didn’t all get eaten.  I’ll keep this recipe around, but I don’t think I’ll pull it out again any time soon.  Maybe during the summer when the kids are home all day and always wanting a snack 🙂


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