Chipotle Shrimp Tacos

One of my husband’s favorite restaurants is a chain restaurant called “Chipotle”.  A chipotle is a smoked jalapeno pepper.  A spicy little thing, and tasty too.  So I keep finding myself drawn to recipes that have the word “chipotle” in their title, like this one:

I don’t like shrimp myself, but my husband does, and I so I prepare a shrimp dish for him every once in awhile.  This is one of those that I think I’d like if I liked shrimp (make sense?)  I didn’t spring for the large shrimp, but the medium ones always seem to work just fine in any recipe I’ve tried:  2013_1009October20130051  The salsa verde I bought is a mild tomatillo salsa.  I used it once before for another meal, and we liked it.  I also know my husband doesn’t care for anything “too hot”, so I figured this was safer than buying that jalapeno salsa I saw 😉

Here’s a shot of the insides of hubby’s shrimp tacos:  2013_1009October20130063  He found them a bit too spicy, so I suggested adding some sour cream on top.  Since he didn’t need leftovers for lunch at work (had plans to go out with a group, I think), he went back and filled his plate again – ate every single bite!  I’d say it was a hit, wouldn’t you?


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