Grilled Chicken Wraps

What to cook for lunch?  It has to be something that, even if my children won’t eat all of the ingredients, they might eat some of them.  Here’s what I chose for Sunday:

I failed to review the recipe ahead of time, so I didn’t get these ingredients gathered and put together as soon as I ought to have:  2013_1002September20130003  But I still had some time for the chicken to marinate for at least a little while before I started cooking.  Had I thought before I put the chicken in the bag with the marinade, I’d have flattened it first.  Instead, it occurred to me right before cooking, so I smashed it in the bag with the marinade before taking it out to put on the hot grill pan.  While the chicken was cooking I pulled out the toppings (though I chose to leave out the lettuce): 2013_1002September20130007  Now, I don’t know about you, but when I looked at the photo with the recipe, I saw some jalapeno slices on top of those wraps.  Not listed in the optional toppings, but you know what?  I like jalapenos.  I also had an avocado left over from the salad I had made a couple of days before, so along with the toppings pictured above, I put these and some warmed flour tortillas on the table:  2013_1002September20130008  One child filled the tortilla with just chicken, one chose chicken, cheese and sour cream, and a third opted for chicken, cheese, sour cream and black olives.  My husband loaded his up with everything:  2013_1002September20130013  And we were all happy!  (Except, of course, Mr. Super Extremely Picky, who had to fend for himself.  He just doesn’t know what he’s missing!)


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