Green Chile & Ranch Cheddar Burgers

What better to try out on a weekend than another burger recipe?  Here’s the one we sampled this past weekend:

Mine, of course, didn’t look like the picture.  Have you ever prepared a recipe and ended up with a photogenic plate that looked just like the photograph published with the recipe?  It’s  rare thing!

I did buy 2 lb. of ground chuck, but knowing my picky children would complain about the “icky stuff” in these burgers, I prepared only half the burgers this way and left the other half plain.  Here are some of the ingredients I assembled: 2013_0928September20130080  (By now you’ve figured out that I’m certainly not opposed to using store brand products to save a penny or two.)

We do not own a grill right now, and there is not one in our foreseeable future since we’d prefer to actually have a patio upon which to keep one as opposed to dragging one out into the driveway whenever we wish to grill.  I do have a grill pan (which you’ve seen in a previous post) but for burgers, a large skillet suits me just fine:  2013_0928September20130082  The four little burgers along the back of the skillet are the plain ones for the kiddos 🙂  Once these were cooked through I adorned them with this cheese (instead of buying a block and slicing it):  2013_0928September20130088  I used hamburger buns (100% whole wheat just because that’s what we like) and ended up with burgers that looked like this:  2013_0928September20130089  Looks not a thing like the burger photo with the recipe, huh?  But these were tasty, and I know my husband liked one because he requested a second one later on that evening for his “second dinner”.  I admit, I wouldn’t want the ranch flavor every time I had a burger, but this was a nice change.  We’ll have these again one day.

Oops!  I forgot to mention that I omitted the cilantro.  Only because we don’t like it.  If you do, by all means toss it in!


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