Penne With Roasted Red Pepper Marinara

For a “not-too-time-consuming” recipe after an evening taking children to their dental appointments Monday evening, I chose to try out this one from my latest issue of Fitness magazine:

As usual, I chose not to spend the extra money on the whole-wheat variety of pasta, and instead bought this: 2013_0925September20130102  And those “low sodium” crushed tomatoes?  I’ve seen a few brands of crushed tomatoes, but none labelled “low sodium”.  I also chose to buy one larger jar of roasted red peppers (not quite 14 ounces, but I decided it would do).  2013_0925September20130096  I used the dried rosemary, and the recipe doesn’t say to crush it, but I did anyway.   In fact, that’s about the only time I use my mortar and pestle, is for crushing rosemary:  2013_0925September20130099  It didn’t take long for everything to come together, and soon I was serving this for dinner: 2013_0925September20130107  Oops!  I forgot to shred some parmesan cheese over it!  But you know what?  We enjoyed it anyway 🙂


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