Chocolate Chip Caramel Bars

Recall a couple of posts ago, when I mentioned a “Cooking for 2” magazine that my 10 year old chose some recipes from?  He also chose a dessert, and I decided to try it out:

I rarely ever use semisweet chocolate chips anymore, opting for the bittersweet instead: 2013_0925September20130115  And I didn’t have 2% milk since my husband drinks skim and who wants to buy even a pint of 2% when all you need is one tablespoon?  I did have some half and half left over from a previous recipe, so I used that instead.  Worked just fine!

This is one of those recipes that instructs you to “cut in” cold butter.  Which means I got to pull out my pastry blender: 2013_0925September20130117  I got mine from Pampered Chef, back when I bought almost every product they made.  That was years ago and I seriously doubt they’ve come up with any new gadgets that I “just have to have”.  But I am still pleased with my old purchases 🙂

I doubled this recipe and baked it in an 8 x 8-inch glass baking dish, leaving the baking time the same: 2013_0925September20130118  We were all happy with these (except Mr. Super Extremely Picky, who wouldn’t even try one).  My husband’s comment was that they tasted even better after he ate them than while he was eating them (?)  and my other 3 children were very pleased to find these bars in their lunch boxes this week!


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