Snickerdoodle Bread

I saw this lovely looking bread recipe and thought, “Who doesn’t like cinnamon & sugar?”  Well, other than my 3rd son, who shall be forever known as “Mr. Super Extremely Picky”.  This bread, I thought, would make a tasty breakfast one morning:

Now, I once before tried either this or a very similar recipe, but was unable to find the cinnamon chips called for that time.  Undaunted, I decided to try again.  I can always omit or substitute if necessary.  My Kroger still didn’t have these, but I did have reason to head over to WalMart (which didn’t carry these last time I was looking for them), but lo and behold!  Look what I found: 2013_0925September20130091  We’re in business now!   But for one thing.  The recipe calls for 4 mini loaf pans.  I don’t own 4 mini loaf pans.  I used to own one, but that was years ago and once it started showing wear and I was married with children, I gave it to the kiddos for their play kitchen.  (When would I ever fix something in one itty bitty loaf pan?)  I have no desire to go buy 4 mini loaf pans, so my debate with myself was, one loaf pan or two?  I ended up going with one: 2013_0925September20130093  I knew this would most likely have to bake for an hour or more, but I set the timer for 45 minutes and started checking then.  I don’t recall whether I took the loaf out of the oven at an hour or closer to an hour and 10 minutes, but this is what a slice of it looked like: 2013_0925September20130114 (sitting on a pretty pink paper plate left over from my daughter’s birthday party)  The texture was all wrong.  I think I needed to bake it longer.  Or better yet, split it into two loaves so it wouldn’t need as much time.


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