Betty Crocker’s Hershey’s Chocolate Cupcakes

Something a little different: a product review.  As I roam the grocery store, “closeout” price tags catch my eye.  I saw one of those on this cupcake mix 2013_0920September20130031 and thought “the kids might like that”, so I bought it and the fun frosting mix.  I followed the directions to the letter and ended up with cupcakes that looked like this before frosting: 2013_0920September20130033  And this after: 2013_0920September20130051  One of my children (all of whom love the chocolate lava cakes from Domino’s Pizza) ate around the chocolate filling and threw the rest away.  The other three declared the cupcakes “yummy!”  I had to try one just so I could add my two cents worth, and I say they’re not bad for a boxed mix.  Could be a bit more moist, but the flavor was good and the frosting?  It truly did have a “cookies’n’creme” flavor!


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