CrockPot Po’ Boys (or Italian Beef) Sandwiches

I have not yet tried a “beef roast in the slow cooker” recipe that I haven’t liked.  So Tuesday evening I decided to push my luck and try yet another:

This one doesn’t actually specify what type of beef roast to use, but that’s okay because I tend to ignore the recipes on that point anyway.  See that bright sticker in the upper left-hand corner of the package? 2013_0919September20130001  That’s what determines what type of roast I use in a recipe.  This recipe calls for “2 Tbsp minced garlic” and I confess that I don’t measure garlic.  I grab a clove or two or a few, whatever looks “right”, and I use that.  This time I had just a few cloves left of one bulb of garlic, so that’s what I put in with the roast: 2013_0919September20130003  And I used that blue knife lying next to those cloves to mince them before tossing them in the slow cooker.  I noticed a note at the bottom of the recipe which stated “A little more flavorful version is to put in the peppers (stems removed) during the cooking process”.  More flavorful?  Well, of course we want that!  Here is what went into the slow cooker: 2013_0919September20130005  I let that cook for 7 hours before adding in the gravy mix, but I didn’t find packets of mushroom gravy mix, so I went with brown gravy mix (which always brings to mind that Joe Diffie song “Good Brown Gravy”).  The finished product looked like this: 2013_0919September20130007  As expected, it was quite tasty 🙂  And if you’re wondering, for the side dish I went with tried-and-true: Paula Deen’s macaroni salad from her book, “Paula Deen Celebrates!”


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