Smoked Sausage Sandwich with Caramelized Onions

Every so often, Kroger sends out coupons to their loyal customers (like me!)  And quite often, along with these coupons, there are recipes – YAY!  Sunday night’s dinner recipe came from the most recent coupon mailing, though it’s one of those recipes that’s more an idea than a recipe, unless you’ve never cooked caramelized onions before.  Then you might want the recipe, so here it is (It is actually a Butterball recipe, though I didn’t use Butterball brand smoked sausage when I fixed this):

I also forgot that I bought hot dog buns for this recipe.  I had bought hoagie rolls for another recipe and ended up using them for this too:2013_0915September20130140  If you like caramelized onions (I happen to LOVE them), you’ll likely enjoy this recipe.  And yes, those are Cheetos and Pringles on the plate with the sandwich, along with a bread & butter spear 🙂


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