Texas Corn Dogs

I have a few recipes to catch up on, so let’s get started.  Here’s the one I tried for Saturday evening’s dinner: http://damndelicious.net/2013/08/25/texas-corn-dogs-le-creuset-giveaway/  Of course, when my family saw “corn dogs” on the menu (which I post on the refrigerator each week), they envisioned that cornbread coated hot dog on a stick.  That is not what these are.    These are what we would call “chili dogs”, though we usually only include beans in the chili we eat from a bowl, not in the chili sauce we put on hot dogs.  But I’m willing to try something different, so I did.

I do admit to omitting the espresso powder.  First, I don’t like the taste of coffee, so I’ll bet my reaction to the taste of espresso would be “double yuck!”  Second, the recipe only calls for a teaspoon, and I’m not sure, but I’m betting it’s probably pretty hard to buy a minuscule amount of espresso powder, and what would I do with the rest of it?

As I started cooking, I discovered that I had no “regular” chili powder left.  (How did that happen?)  I did, however, have some chipotle chili powder, so I substituted that.  It occurred to me that I might want to use less, since my husband doesn’t like things really spicy, but did I listen to myself?  No . . .

Here is the chili I ended up with: 2013_0914September20130028  It’s nice and thick, so you don’t have to worry about your bread getting soggy!  And the final product, for me, turned out to look like this: 2013_0914September20130029  I thought these were pretty good.  My sons refused to put any of that chili on their hot dogs (there were beans and onions in there, after all), but my daughter put some on hers.  She just picked out some of the ground beef to put on her hot dogs and left the “icky stuff” out.  She said it was “spicy, but good”.  My husband?  You know that thought I had but ignored?  I should have listened to myself.  He declared it was too spicy, looked at the pan of chili like it was evil, and told me “I don’t ever want that stuff again!”  Okay, tossing this one . . . but you might enjoy it!


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