Deli Roast Beef & Cheddar Quesadillas

Sunday lunch was this new recipe:  Go on over to my friend Didi’s blog and check out the recipe.  While you’re there look around some more.  You’ll find lots of tasty looking food there!

I’m sure that what I ended up with was not exactly what Didi created, but here are the ingredients I assembled (well, most of them): 2013_0915September20130003  See this chipotle on the cutting board? 2013_0915September20130004 I only used half of it.  My husband came into the kitchen as I was cooking, saw the chipotle, and nervously asked, “Is that what was in that chili?”  No dear, that was powdered.  Trust me, this will be okay 😉  Here’s a shot of all the yumminess inside the quesadilla, before cooking: 2013_0915September20130006  After cooking, I let the quesadilla rest on the cutting board for a couple of minutes (so it wouldn’t disintegrate when I cut into it) and then sliced it up like so: 2013_0915September20130007  Then I piled it up on a serving plate with another that I cooked with just cheese in it and a third that was just cheese and roast beef (The kids need to eat too!) 2013_0915September20130008  And everyone was happy except for the child who claims to not like melted cheese (This same child devours pepperoni pizza without a problem, so . . . )   In the final analysis, this recipe is a keeper, and I have confidence that one day all of my children will enjoy the chipotle sour cream and the jalapenos as much as I do.


3 responses to “Deli Roast Beef & Cheddar Quesadillas”

  1. dishinwithdidi says :

    Your kids are like mine then? LOL One of these days kiddo, one of these days…

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