Bourbon Street Rib-Eye Steak

If you will recall, I promised a meal that would more than make up for the meatless meal my husband had to endure on Thursday night.  Well, here is what that promised meal looked like: 2013_0914September20130024  Three of the recipes I used for this meal were new-to-me recipes,  Let us start with that steak, shall we?  Here is where I got the recipe:  Now, my husband and I rarely ever drink alcoholic beverages, and when we do it’s a mixed drink at a restaurant with a fancy dinner.  Those happen once every few years.  (Last one was 5 years ago).  I also don’t cook with alcohol all that often, so I’m not interested in spending a lot of money in order to get the 2/3 cup of whiskey called for in this recipe.  So I bought this: 2013_0914September20130009  I realized once I read through the recipe that I had started way too late, but I went ahead and got the steaks marinating, even if only for 2 hours: 2013_0914September20130010  My husband likes onions and mushrooms on his steak, so I bought a portobello, 2 criminis, and 3 shiitakes: 2013_0914September20130016  I cut those up, along with what was left of a “red” onion I used for the potatoes, and sauteed them in some butter and olive oil, salt & pepper: 2013_0914September20130018  This was going on as I was grilling the steaks on my handy-dandy double burner griddle/grill pan: 2013_0914September20130020  May I just say that these steaks were AWESOME?!?!?  Yes, indeed, I will be making these again one day.


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