Garden Fresh Pasta Salad

To start, let me re-post the link to last night’s new recipe:  Go ahead and take a look at that, then come back and see what I did with it 🙂

I already knew before I started cooking that I would be changing the recipe.  Why?  Well, first, I already had these two partly used boxes of pasta in my pantry: 2013_0912September20130019 so why buy a new package just so I could use the whole wheat variety called for in the recipe, right?

Then, when I was shopping at my local Kroger, I discovered that they no longer carry KRAFT’s Sun Dried Tomato Vinaigrette Dressing (a shame, I liked that one).  So I picked up this instead: 2013_0912September20130020  The next point of contention was the fact that I really don’t like cold tomatoes, so I did not go ahead and add the cherry tomatoes before the chilling step.   This is what went into the refrigerator to chill for awhile: 2013_0912September20130021  Finally, I took the salad out of the fridge, added cherry tomatoes and grated Parmesan cheese, and ended up with this plate of food: 2013_0912September20130027  My husband’s comment?  “It’s pretty good, but it would be even better with some chicken or shrimp added in.”  Yes, folks, this was not our side dish, this was dinner, so no meat for my hubby last night.  Poor guy!  Just wait until you see what all I’m fixing for him tonight, though.  It will more than make up for this one meatless evening 🙂


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